Getting your Share: Vendor Marketing Development Funds

Money tree growing in the middle of green meadow

As a specialist managed security services provider, Secure Designs often works with other IT services providers to supply the security component of a project.  We can’t help but make comparisons between our respective partners, and one topic that always comes up is marketing development funds (MDF) and the varying degree to which our partners make use of the funds available to them—or more often than not—don’t make use of them. We see this as a huge missed opportunity.

It’s understandable.  MDF funding programs run under strict guidelines and are highly scrutinized and audited.  You have to invest the time and thought to work within the rules of the system. But the pay-off is substantial.

We’ve been working with vendor MDF programs for years, and (after much trial and error) have a solid and successful process in place. Fortunately, I’m often able to share my experience with my peers on how best to take advantage of these programs. I was recently invited to join other tech industry voices in providing insights for a thoughtful and timely article by John Moore in SearchIT Channel, ‘How MSPs can get their cut of the marketing money‘. Here is an extract from my interview:

“As long as you can show results — and show what you are using the money for — companies, a lot of times, are willing to invest,” [Culler] said. “We will use every dime of MDF that we can creatively come up with a way to incorporate. When you talk to the vendors, at the end of the year there is all this MDF money just sitting there waiting. It is there because no one else uses it.”

If you’re looking for ideas on how to get your hands on that unclaimed pot of money, the article is a goldmine of information.

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