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At Secure Designs, Inc., our mission is to be the trusted adviser on internet security for the "Fortune 5 Million". The vast majority of businesses in the United States have less than 50 employees. They employ over 90% of Americans. Together, they are the driving force of our economy.

The internet has ignited a global marketplace, and also a firestorm of worldwide criminal activity.

As professional hackers continually troll the internet looking for network weaknesses or new specific application-level vulnerabilities to exploit, they know that a small business has the sensitive data they want. They also know that for many small businesses cyber security is an afterthought. Until they are hacked.

For the small business, a breach can be catastrophic–over 60% of companies that fall victim to cyber crime go out of business within six months. They can't weather the storm of lost customers and revenue, lawsuits, fines, penalties, termination of vendor contracts, expensive insurance or outright theft from compromised bank transactions and accounts.

Small business owners often self-educate themselves on security measures. Trusting to luck is not a strategy. Data protection is not an afterthought. They decide they will play the “numbers game” and trust that a single desktop solution will protect them from whatever particular threat a hacker might represent. But no single solution is ever enough.

Internet security is good for business. A well-thought out internet security strategy is part of your growth plan. It as as crucial to success as a sales or marketing plan, and as indispensable as accounting or human resources.

Secure Designs' has unmatched expertise in applying security solutions specifically designed to protect small businesses from Cyber Crime. We employ the best hardware solutions available, and infuse them with 24/7 monitoring and unparalleled customer service and support. We offer the brand of security that is employed at the highest levels in the corporate and government sectors, at a small business price; i.e. "Fortune 500 security for the Fortune Five Million."

It's part of our credo to serve as a "trusted advisor" and subject matter expert in educating small business on security. We join with peers in security industry forums and events, to share our expertise in an effort to create awareness.

Here are some links (below) to information that is a good starting point for any business owner to learn more about security solutions.from the National Cyber Security Alliance, the FCC, and the SANS Institute. They focus on how to begin thinking about incorporating cyber security into your business’s overall strategy. This process is best begun with an independent need assessment based on your current systems and how you plan to grow.

Via the FCC (Federal Communications Commission:

The SANS Institute

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